Feast of Dedication

Hanukkah begins tonight at sunset.

I haven’t celebrated Christmas for years, it’s far too anti-scriptural. I celebrate the scriptural feasts that Yehovah commanded His people to observe. But does that include Hanukkah?

The events that Hanukkah celebrates are from the Books of Macabees – 2 books that were in the 1611 version of the King James bible, but were removed in the 1800s in America. They contain the story of the desecration of the temple in Jerusalem at the hands of Antiochus Epiphanes, and how a small group of Priests and farmers conquered the world’s superpower of that time to honor the almighty and take it back – to cleanse and re-dedicate the temple to Yehovah.

It breaks my heart that Judaism has seen fit to insult the Almighty by adding a made-up miracle, centuries after the historical facts, about oil that lasted for 8 days instead of 1. They decided the real miracle of the military victory wasn’t good enough, they needed to add a fake miracle to get people excited, and so they turned it into the ‘festival of lights’. I won’t celebrate that. They even corrupted the god-given design of the menorah to go along with it.

This message of the Hanukkite warriors may be more important for this moment in our history than ever before. We are on the precipice of a new defilement of Yehovah’s temple, in this day when we are His temple. His Holy Spirit resides within us. The desecration is trying to come in the form of a vaccine which contains recombinant dna – specifically designed to alter the dna of the recipient. Someone is seeking to alter the design of man, who the creator designed in His own image.

But I will honor the feast of dedication. I will use this time to study what Yehovah did for His people who stood against desecration of His temple and His laws. I will cleanse and rededicate myself and my house to my heavenly father, as the Maccabees cleansed and rededicated the temple in Jerusalem. As they did all those centuries ago, we may have to be willing to lay down our very lives in the battle to stop the defilement of our temple.

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