Pre-tribulation Rapture

Last year, as I was reading my scriptures, I remember reading specific passages that made me wonder about the whole pre-tribulation rapture doctrine.  So I decided to study and seek out this issue in scripture.  At a church I used to belong to in Fairbanks, a pastor used to say, “Don’t believe anything just because some preacher said it.  Don’t believe it just because I said it!  Drag it through the Bible and see what God says about it.”

This is excellent advice.

If you follow this advice regarding the pre-tribulation rapture, you will find no support for that doctrine, and plenty that refutes it.  I could write at length about it, but this movie lays out everything that I would write, and is much easier to absorb.

I urge you to watch it.  And search the scriptures yourself.  And talk to God.  Scripture specifically tells us that we will go through tribulation, as God’s people, Jews and Christians, have done for thousands of years.  But that which is referred to as ‘the Great Tribulation’, that’s different.  The book of Revelation tells us that Satan knows his time is short, and he will make war against the saints.  That war is the great tribulation.  And he can’t make war against us if we’re not here.

Search the Scriptures yourself, asking the Lord for discernment.  Don’t just accept that with which you’ve been indoctrinated. Imagine how pleased Satan must have been when he succeeded at getting this false doctrine taught in Bible colleges, so that new pastors would go out and teach it to their flocks.  And now, even though the Lord has told us so very much about the end times, specifically so that we would be prepared. . . so many Christians are unprepared.  Because they don’t think it’s necessary.  God’s going to pull us out of here before anything really bad happens, right?